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1 WAN port + 9 LAN ports Router for Internet Cafe and Small/Medium Business


  • 8 10/100/1000Mbps LAN ports and 1 Gigabit independent SFP port
  • Provides feature-rich solution for small and medium business and Internet cafe
  • IP and port based QoS enables your streaming multimedia, Video Teleconferencing, gaming etc. with high performance
  • IP and MAC Address binding limits the ability of hostile entities to attack the network
  • Supports access control based on time of day
The TL-R4199G is a new generation of single-WAN broadband router especially designed to meet the demand of high-speed Internet cafes/SMB (Small and Medium Business). It adopts Intel XScale technology with frequency of 533MHz, Multi-CPU distributed processing, to ensure high performance and high availability. Additionally, the 6-layer PCB, the built-in high-redundancy power module and the 19-inch rack-mountable steel case feature a new architecture that dramatically stretches the performance of the router by enabling stable connections.
The TL-R4199G provides all the normal settings of a broadband router, it features much more advanced functions, such as Bandwidth Control, Port Mirror, Port VLAN, IEEE 802.1x Authentication, UPnP, DDNS, VPN Pass-through, Firewall and System Log; has the function of integrated management of switch and supports VLAN and port mirroring.
The TL-R4199G provides IP based bandwidth control and connection session configuration function. The administrator can set the bandwidth and connection session of each internal computer. It supports IP and MAC binding which can efficiently avoids the attack of ARP. Start binding IP with MAC when the network is normally operated, the corresponding relation of the MAC and IP of each internal computer will be restored in the buffering table of router.
The TL-R4199G provides a friendly configuration interface for easy use. With multiple functions, high-reliability, and high-security, it widely meets SMB (Small and Medium Business), organ, Internet cafe, broadband community, and school networks new and changing requirements.

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